Am I Normal?

I love to read lifestyle and home blogs.  Lately though, I've noticed I often come away feeling bad about my house, my parenting, or my life choices.  So often the images presented send the message that the writer has it all together.  Even when they try to do a post to be more real, showing you a messy house or kids coming undone, it still feels staged and way better than my own "real" situation.  I like to read about normal life, the things that happen everyday.  Things that make me say, "Oh, I can relate to that!"  The posts that stick in my mind the longest and keep me coming back to read a blogger are the ones that inspire the feeling that she's just like me.  She's had those "losing it" moments where the house is a wreck, there's nothing for dinner, and the kids are talking back.  She knows what it's like to fail as a wife, a parent, a friend.  And she's gotten back up, said she's sorry, and started all over again.

Normal everyday life for me right now involves two teenagers and three elementary age kids.  I have a husband that travels two or three nights a week. There's a lot of running around, early morning and late nights, homework that never seems to end, and sports practices.  In the background, there's a ticking clock reminding me that this is the last year my senior daughter will live full-time at home. Have I done enough, been enough, instilled enough? 

Normal everyday life also is full of sweet moments that I don't want to forget.  All of my kids are old enough to joke with now.  It's such a special feeling to laugh with your teenagers.  They understand and tease like almost-adults now.  I treasure the times we laugh over fashion choices (theirs and mine), teacher quirks, silly mistakes, things we don't know.  I treasure the times we talk about grown up issues and hear their own personalities and opinions come through.  We've moved past the kid movie stage and can all enjoy TV shows and movies that appeal to parents, too.  Now we often get wonderful snapshots of the friendship we will hopefully enjoy with our someday adult children.

I'm creating this blog to document my own normal everyday life, but I'd also to love hear about yours!  What's happening in your life at this stage?    


  1. I stumbled across this from a comment left at the Lettered Cottage, and I've enjoyed browsing through your blog for the last half hour or so (it's afternoon naptime, quiet right now!). Your life looks like mine will in about 10 years... I have five as well, but they're aged 8 months - 7 years. Mine is that busy messy stage and I won't miss that either! I like clean bathrooms, made beds, and clean furniture... but it's not always the way it actually is around here. I'm trying to enjoy these young times while they last, because they do go fast! It was only a blink of an eye ago that our oldest was just a newborn, and in another blink he'll be getting his license just like yours. Enjoy being able to go out without getting a babysitter!
    Christina from BC, Canada

  2. So glad you stopped by, Christina! It's always good to "meet" another mother of five. :) You're right, you'll be negotiating the teen years before you know it. It's a fun journey though!

  3. I love this Marie - I think we are definitely kindred spirits as I feel exactly the same way as you about warming to other bloggers who keep it a bit real and don't try and put that unbeatable gloss on everything they do. Also, its great to read that there is something lovely to look forward to with older children - my two are 4 and a half & 21 months right now and I'm listening to non-stop* kiddie tv noises - I think I actually live, breathe and dream about talking trains! My sister's two are 14 & 15 though and I can see them all having fun together with their 'nearly adults' (as well as all the issues that go with having teens of course!) and I'm not looking forward to dealing with the homework when that kicks in!! X

  4. Thanks, I'm so glad you relate! It's impossible to hide "real life" very long when you have kids. They keep me humble! :)

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