Being a mom is emotional. Am I right? Not all the time, but there are moments that the magnitude of the task hits us. Here are some posts I've written when this thing called parenthood has really touched me.

1. Teen Driver: Nothing makes you reflect on the passage of time like when your child is old enough to get behind the wheel of the a car.

2. The Million Dollar Question: If you're a stay at home mom, you've definitely had to answer this one and maybe you feel like this, too!

3. You Might See Me Crying: How does it feel to have your child graduate from high school?

4. Removing Our Masks: Spending time with and being honest with other women is one of my favorite ways to be refreshed.

4. Time Marches On: Our families are always changing, but sometimes we don't notice until we compare photographs.

5. Looking Back: It's good to take stock and see how your family got from one stage to another.

6. Moving In and Letting Go: Sending a child to college for the first time is an emotional event that needs no explanation.

7. Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall: Spending time with our kids and listening to the things they choose to share with us is one of the greatest privileges of parenting.

8. A Letter To My Daughter: Loving and appreciating each stage of our children.

9. A Birthday Wish For My Son: Watching my teenage boy grow up.

10. To Be Better At Accepting the Imperfect: Learning to accept that the bad moments don't negate
the good ones.

11. Valentine's Day Fantasies: The definition of romance sometimes changes as we get older!

12. Sister Love; Sisters share a special bond all through life.

13. Goodbyes and Graduates: The end of the elementary school era in our family.

14. No Greater Joy: The most important thing I want to see in the lives of my children.

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