Goodbyes and Graduates

Eleven years ago, I walked into our local elementary school with my first and third graders. I had an almost two year old toddler and was pushing infant twins in a double stroller. We were quite an entourage to say the least! We were new to the school having recently moved and wondered what to expect. And honestly, after a whole summer at home I was a little shell shocked and ready for anyone to give me a break!

Yesterday, those little twins in the stroller graduated from fifth grade at that same elementary school and now my time there has come to a close. In a world where public education so often gets a bum rap, I want to say that this school gets it right. 

My kids received an excellent education there surrounded and supported by many loving teachers and staff. I will really miss it this August when I don't have any little ones to walk in on the first day. 

With elementary school ending, we say goodbye to so many rituals and rhythms that make up these childhood years. Class parties and seasonal crafts, room moms, bulletin boards, theme days, recess, and field trips. Late start times, short bus rides, dropping in for lunch, and watching class programs have come to an end. I know middle and high school bring their own advantages and perks, but elementary school is a sheltered special time in the life of a child. 

Fifth grade graduation has marked the beginning of a new era for each of my kids and we are excited to once again embrace what's ahead. These girls are ready for the increased independence and freedoms of middle school. They're looking forward to trying new clubs and new sports. They'll continue to grow and change immensely over the next several years, but I know they'll always hold a soft spot in their heart for Edmondson Elementary.


  1. How crazy adorable are your girls!!?
    It amazes me sometimes how fast time flies with our young ones.
    I hope that their middle school years are filled with successes and lots of happiness!
    Thanks for sharing with us!
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  2. What a lovely picture of you and your girls! I still miss the elementary school days - such a special time. But they will love middle school!

  3. Loving the photo of you and your daughters. I think that any milestone with our kids is hard to bear and I remember sobbing when both of mine left primary school... they grow up so fast. Here's hoping the girls love middle school too x

  4. It is sad to know there won't be any more little ones to walk to class but don't despair, with the wisdom of having lived through the whole cycle of raising children, I have to say the best is yet to come! Seeing them grow up and become all you've hoped for, forming adult relationships and becoming a grandparent are all milestones to anticipate and are rewards beyond measure!


  5. I feel like that, too! Lots of people have bad things to say about public education (and Common Core,) but I absolutely love both and couldn't be happier that my kids are where they're at!

  6. Oh my, you arriving at the school, I can totally picture it! Your girls are lovely. It is always bitter sweet moving on from someplace we have grown to love. We had a public school like that. I loved it, we moved away, but it still holds a special place in my heart! Good luck to your girls in the newest adventure!

  7. My kids both spent all their elementary and middle-school years in one building, and I volunteered there a lot. I think I missed it more than they did, and it took a long time before my car didn't just want to turn in to the parking lot! Good luck to your kids as they face new challenges. Beautiful photos of you all!

  8. It's a big milestone for a mom to leave elementary school behind. I'm leaving middle school behind next month; my kids haven't been in the same school in six years. So many changes...


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