Humorous Posts

For me, blogging is a creative hobby. Each post is like a baby I've sent off into the world to see how it will make its mark. My favorite posts to write are the ones that poke fun at family life. Here's a list that will hopefully make you smile, too!

1. Kids arguing all the time? The Apology Tour will make you feel less alone!

2. Find yourself saying the same thing over and over? Mom's Top Ten Quotes is for you.

3. Need some help with your wardrobe? Living With the Fashion Police will point you in the right direction!

4. Can't decide if your child is sick or not? Don't worry, Dr. Mom Is On Duty!

5. Why does your teenager leave their things all over the house? Gain some insight in What Does He Hear?

6. Are you turning into you mother? Laugh about in Help! I'm My Mother!!

7. Kids accusing you of playing favorites? Refer them to: What Kind of Mother Are You Today?

8. Frustrated with trying to take a family picture? Fear the Beach Picture will make you laugh instead.

9. Had enough of school being cancelled due to the weather? Snow Day has it covered!

10. Need another way to get through to your teenager? Texting Trumps Talking provides a new perspective.

11. Need a new way to look at romance in your marriage? Romance After Twenty Years will make you smile.

12. How I really feel about homework, A Mother's Secret Dread.

13. Are you kids trying to parent you? Role Reversal will make you laugh!

14. Do family dinners have a way of going crazy at your house too? 7 Ways to Fail at Family Dinners

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