Valentine's Day Fantasies

When I was in high school, you could purchase carnations for a dollar and have them delivered with a message to anyone in school. There were white and pink, but of course the most coveted ones were red. In my Valentine's Day fantasies, I wished a secret admirer would send me a dozen red carnations. I felt like if I went to school and those were waiting for me, I'd really be loved! Flowers and gifts meant love to me back then.

Now love is spelled T-I-M-E. My husband asked what I wanted for Valentine's Day this year and my mind was blank. There's nothing he can buy in the store that will mean more than time. It's the thing that is most rare right now, so it's become the most valuable. 

When you're younger, you have lots of time and little money. Buying something for someone you love is a sacrifice.  

When you're older, you have money, but little time. Everyone and everything competes for your attention, so setting aside time becomes a greater sacrifice.

I think my husband would actually like it better if I could give him a list of things to buy. That's how hard it is to make time happen these days!

But just in case the stars align, here's a list of ten things I'd love for Valentine's Day:

Walking or bike riding around our favorite neighborhoods. 

Shopping in places other than Sam's Club together. 

Getting away anywhere alone together. 

Going to a romantic movie.

Dining in front of a fireplace.

Going to a quiet coffee shop. 

Taking a scenic drive. 

Watching a movie while cuddling under the electric blanket

Exploring a little town together. 

Getting take-out and spending an evening alone in our house. 

As you can see, shared experiences and uninterrupted conversation are way better than flowers in my book. Feel free to bring a little dark chocolate though! 

How about you? Has your Valentine's Day list changed over the years? 


  1. I love this and couldn't agree more! The thing I want the most for Valentine's Day is time. Time with my hubby, even if only for a moment.

    Thank you for sharing at the #SHINEBlogHop!

  2. I would love to get any of those things on your list Marie! I doubt it's going to happen this Valentine's Day, but we have a get away planned for May, so I'll be patient.

    1. Getting away sounds wonderful and now you can look forward to it all spring!

  3. We used to do the same thing with carnations at my high school - the anticipation of seeing who would send you one was excruciating! I totally agree with all of your ideas - time is the best gift of all!

    1. It really was excruciating, Lana! Glad I don't have to feel that way on Valentine's Day anymore! :)

  4. Well, that brought back memories. My high school did the same thing!

    Good thoughts on Valentine's Day and time being the best gift you can give.

  5. Amen. And Amen!
    Loved reading your list . . . It's right up my alley.
    I would LOVE time alone with my husband - doing something as simple as enjoying a cup of coffee and a sweet together. We don't even have to talk . . . holding hands and enjoying quiet together would be wonderful.
    I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day with your husband, Marie!

  6. Oh my goodness you had me laughing at Sam''s Club! That is pretty much where all of the dates my husband and I go on either end up or begin. Yes, Valentine fantasies indeed!

  7. Love this! We also did the carnations in high school! I agree time, time to do the simply things! Wishing you and your hubby a special Valentine's Day!
    Cathy@ three kids and a fish

  8. It's a great list Marie! And I'd wish for quality time with my husband over material gifts anyday. Here's hoping your husband reads this post x

  9. I love this list Marie and I agree 100%. Quality time is the best time.

    Thanks so much for sharing this fabulous list.


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