Ice and Snow...Oh, no!

Nashville was hit with ice and snow yesterday, so our snow days are finally here. And I predict they'll be here the rest of the week! One snow day, maybe two, is a bit of a respite for all of us. But a whole week, it's a little much.

So in honor of the way I know I'll feel in about 24 hours, I'm going to rerun this snow day post from last year!

Snow nemesis. In the South, a snow day rarely means actual snow. So there's no sledding or outdoor fun to break up the day. Today we have ice.

Ice means you don't know if you should leave or not, you can't let your teenagers drive anywhere, and everything that would maybe make a snow day tolerable, i.e. trips to mall, movies, etc. are out. No one wants to be in an accident because they had to get to Target. So we're home and I've heard "mom" at least 300 times already. Only a handful of those were for pleasant reasons. Mostly it's "Mom! Tell him/her to stop!", or, "Mom, why can't I/we drive here, there, and everywhere because I'm so, so, so bored, even though I hoped for and was so excited that today I wouldn't have any school and could stay home all day!"

This morning, after hearing the twins tell each other to STOP at least 100 times, my husband said, "I don't know how you do it. If I had to stay home and listen to that all day, I'd go insane. I'd rather have my hair plucked out by birds than listen to them argue and say stop all day."

My oldest son goes to the window every few minutes, looks out and says, "Yes, I definitely think they'll cancel school again tomorrow. We will for sure be home." Please, please, please don't keep reminding me. I think he wants me to run screaming from the house.

Everywhere I go, I hear my happy snow day children saying, get out, turn off that music, stop singing, you're so annoying, give it back, make them stop, can I go here, why can't I drive there, I'm so bored, can I have lunch, can I have a snack, can I, can I, and I'm telling mom.

Random scenes from our day-

Received an urgent text from my daughter this morning that we must finish this Annie Oakley costume for school. Mission accomplished!

Proof that all of my kids didn't spend EVERY minute on their iPod, computer, TV, and anything else that entertains and keeps them quiet. Although, one of the twins did come sadly down the stairs this afternoon saying, "Mooooommm, I don't have ANY fun addictive apps." Sad, sad, bad, bad snow day mother!

I can't make any such promises about the boys though. When it's too cold and icy to be outside, PlayStation is a legitimate form of entertainment. And they are interacting. I hear such things as Nooooo, you stink, take that, and, of course, STOP!

Let's see, should I check Facebook and see what other moms are doing? No...that is a recipe for depression. I always wonder if they are really telling the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, when they say things like, We had the best day, my kids let me sleep until 10 and the older children made snow day crafts and hot chocolate with the younger ones, and then we sat in a circle and sang songs and cried tears of joy that we could be trapped together in a small space for a zillion hours. It's a good thing my kids never argue and I never crave a moment to myself. I hope we're out again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day!

Lest you think I never have a Facebook moment, my girls did make some extremely small and expensive Easy Bake Oven chocolate chip cookies.

And as said cookies were baking, we got THE CALL. Yes, indeed we will be doing it all over again tomorrow! 


  1. I'm one of those moms who let their kids watch TV all day. We had a snow day today (our fourth), but we should be good for tomorrow. Please let us be good for tomorrow!!!

  2. We haven't had a snow day for a few years now. We live on the top of a HUGE hill, so if there is any ice or snow, we aren't going anywhere. My favorite is when the school cancels the buses (because it's too dangerous to drive them), but expects me to get the kids to school. If the buses aren't going, neither am I! Hope your winter weather ends soon!

  3. Nope your Facebook friends are definitely lying. No day is that perfect there is always about a million "STOPS" hollered throughout the day that just aren't sharing on there!! Hang in there Mom, get a good pair of ear plugs and a good book and lock your door for a little while :)

  4. When I see you write "STOP!" I know the exact sound you are talking about. My son does it. I can't even describe how horrible it is. When I hear that sound, all I want is for it to not exist. I don't care what's fair, who hit who, or who took what from who - just end that sound!

    This is a vacation week in our school district, so I'm hearing STOP a lot lately (even though the kids do get along well. They're just loud.)

  5. Oh my goodness, this was hilarious. I only have two small girls, but the one has pinkeye so we are on lockdown in this ever-shrinking house ... staring out the window at the snow and getting all depressed looking at the icy forecast. :)

  6. I am so happy I no longer have to endure this with my own daughters! Here's hoping the kids are all back at school very soon so that you can get back to normal. Maybe you could beat them at their own game and listen to your iPod while singing all over the house?

  7. LOL "cried tears of joy that we could be trapped together in a small space for a zillion hours" - I couldn't stop laughing at that.

    Stop and no are the two words I hear the most from my girls. *sigh*

    Hope you all get out of the house soon!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  8. In San Antonio last week, hoping for sun and warm weather, I was treated instead to winter weather warning signs on the highways.... What a strange winter this has been for nearly every state!


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