Take Me to the Game

This spring marks ten years we've been watching our kids play sports. When they first started, my uncle told me some of his fondest family memories were watching his boys play Little League baseball. I've thought of that comment often over the last decade and it's really turned out to be true for me, too. I treasure the memories of sitting in the stands, making small talk with the other parents, and watching my kids do their thing. It hasn't mattered if they've been skilled or not, it's just been fun to see them out there doing it.

Last week, I was sitting in very cold weather watching my oldest son play lacrosse. I had on a heavy coat, ear protection, a scarf, two pairs of mittens and a blanket, yet I was thrilled to be there. To see him on the field doing something he loves, just made me happy! Sure my toes lost all feeling, but the warmth in my heart made up for it! And when he scored three goals, my heart soared!!


Over the years, we've cheered our kids on at football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer, lacrosse, wrestling, cross-country and swimming. It's been crazy trying to get them to all their practices and games. I didn't always feel it was worth it in the moment, but I do now.

Youth sports have fostered great friendships, allowed my kids to experience the thrill of victory, and rewarded them for perseverance and hard work. They've had to get out there in all kinds of weather, whether they felt like it or not. They've had to listen to coaches they liked and respected, as well as those they didn't. They've had to meet new teammates and get along with all types of personalities. They've had to stick with it until the season is over. Sometimes that's easy and sometimes it isn't! But the best part of playing has been the smiles. When I look out and see them smiling as they dribble or throw a ball, smiling as they make that shot or get that hit, smiling as they laugh with their teammates on the sidelines and between plays, then I smile.

We still smile about games we went to years ago. We laugh about funny things that happened and reminisce about great wins and losses. My uncle was right, sports have made up some of my best family memories and I think my kids would agree!

How about you? Are you logging in a lot of time cheering from the stands? Do you hate to miss a game, too?


  1. My eldest doesn't like sports very much but my youngest, who is almost five, loves football. I think he will definitely be the one to go to practices and such. I look forward to cheering him on. #AllAboutYou

    1. I'm not a big fan of sports either, but cheering on your own kids makes it a lot of fun! :)

  2. Who knows, maybe one day they'll get the chance to cheer YOU on too! Great to have sport as such a big part of your lives. Thanks for linking to #AllAboutYou - live again tomorrow!


  3. I'm just now entering this stage of life…mostly, we're trying to decide which kid might be inclined towards sports. There is no doubt our 2 year old is, but he's not quite there yet. :) Great post! Thanks for linking up!


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