Mommy Reality Challenge #22: What Mom Eats For Breakfast

Hi everyone! I'm guest cohosting this week's Mommy Reality Challenge! We'd love to have you join us in sharing some of those real moments in every mom's life. 

Waa-ha-ha-haa! Welllcome, our pet, to a very SPOOK-TACULAR edition of the Mummy Reeality Challenge!


If this is your first time hearing about the Mommy Reality Challenge we are so glad you are joining this great community of moms who participate in our weekly challenges that showcase all the fun, crazy, and sometimes overwhelming moments that are in every mom’s life!

Please don’t just read. This is an INTERACTIVE post! Come join in all the fun!

The Rules are Simple!

  1. We will announce the theme
  2. You will take a pic, post it to the social media account of your choice with the hashtag #mommyreality or write a post and then link it up to this blog post!
  3. Then in two weeks, we will announce our favorites and award a meme to the winner!
These past two weeks in the spirit of it being Halloween season, Jen from the Mommy Reality Team challenged us to show "Something Scary" around our homes.
The result was fab with a wide assortment...from the obviously scary such as a "Creepy Ghost in Photo" to the educational realism of how creepy and intimidating cosmetic aisles can be. A very special 'thank you' to Jennifer from The Deliberate Mom for co-hosting with us!

We are Talented Dancers!

Before we announce the challenge winner, Evil-Scientist Celeste and Frankenstein Jen have been rehearsing some wicked dance moves these past couple weeks along with this week's new Special Co-Host Bride of Frankenstein Marie! We are SO excited to FINALLY debut this to you! In addition, we've brought back our past two co-hosts to join in the fun: Wolfman Jennifer and Dracula Joanna!


The winner of Mommy Reality Challenge #21: SCARE US:

Amber from Our Charmed Life who submitted a photo to the Mommy Reality challenge of a mutant spider... okay... a CRAB lurking in her basement!
Here is your meme, Amber!

Crab Meme

Nice spooky spotting and we hope you join us as our next Mommy Reality Special Co-host!
Our runner-up photo comes from Lyssa from Playing the Music of Life!
Lyssa is a part of a professional flash-mob group who dances Michael Jackson's "Thriller" at various events before Halloween. SO fun!

zombie alyssa

It's time for the next Mommy Reality challenge!

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Meet The Mommy Reality Team!
Jenerally Informed
Jen from JENerally Informed: Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | Instagram | Pinterest

Leapfrog and  Lipgloss

Celeste from Leapfrog and Lipgloss: Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | Instagram | Pinterest

And Introducing a NEW Mommy Reality Guest Co-Host: Marie from Normal Everyday Life!


As a reminder, Marie won our "Something I Can't Get Rid Of" challenge. She is a licensed Speech Pathologist who is a stay-at-home mom of five. Marie's been blogging for a little over a year and we love Marie most because she has a great sense of humor. Check out some of her humorous posts here!

Our NEW Mommy Reality Challenge Theme:

“What Mom Eats For Breakfast”

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day! 

Jesse Pinkman Corn Pops 

Okay, most of the time they say that. Whomever "they" are. (These darn "THEY's" go back and forth on that issue and really need to make up their minds)


Before we dive in: Just a little background on how our challenges are selected- Jen and Celeste take turns writing the post and creating the winning meme from the last challenge. This week it’s Celeste’s turn. Celeste actually doesn't care much for traditional breakfast food, so while scrambling around getting everybody ready in the morning will usually opt for a mug of (cheap and instant) chicken noodle soup. After everybody's at school, when she gets back, sometimes she'll pour a bowl of cereal instead for a quick breakfast. Favorite cereals include: Cheerios with honey and frozen blueberries or Frosted Mini Wheats, Cookie Crisp or Golden Crisp. All healthy and adult choices.

Celeste Breakfast

So we want to know! Are you the type of momma who grabs something on-the-go like a granola bar? Or maybe you just do coffee? Or do you wait to drop your kids off at school and then fix yourself something delicious and elaborate? Or maybe you fetch something from Mickey D's? Are you a pancakes or a waffles kind of gal? Do you have a favorite cereal? Or do you opt for a breakfast food that's off the map?

We want to see! You have until 11/14/14 to Submit!

Don't forget to grab our super-nifty button!


 ✔ *By submitting your pic, you are giving the Mommy Reality Team permission to use your photo to create a special silly meme for you if you win! :). If you win and you’re a blogger, you also have the to opportunity to be our co-host! ✔ **The Mommy Reality team and our special co-host are VERY diligent in pinning, posting, and sharing the link-up participation every week, so make sure to follow us on our social media channels so you won’t miss out! We encourage you to visit a couple other Mommy Reality participants in the link-up and leave meaningful comments! The best part of this link-up is that we’re a community of real moms with a sense of humor about ourselves!

Trick or Treat Through Time

Throwback Thursday...

A look at my five favorite Halloween pictures through the years...ta-da!

Whether you choose to go as a ladybug or a pumpkin, Elvis or Barney...whether you're riding the high seas with the Pirates or out in space with the Teletubbies...

Happy Halloween to you...

Makeup? Help!!

This is not a sponsored post. Just one woman's quest to update her makeup routine. :)

Does this aisle scare any of you?

Is anyone else at a loss as to what most of these products are for and how you would use them?

How in the world am I supposed to pick the right products to lengthen, plump, tighten, conceal, and brighten? Where do you even begin when there are so many choices all promising to fix whatever you're looking to fix? Every cosmetics aisle is so overwhelming that I want to run screaming from the store!

About every five years, I get the urge to update my makeup routine. I've never been one to wear a lot, but the older I get, the more I want to help my face out a bit! Usually I start with my sister. She's good at that stuff and won't laugh at my hopelessness. Sometimes I read magazines for advice, but that can be confusing too. Other times I take a chance on buying something new, and after a few days it usually goes in the bottom of a drawer to die. 

This time I decided to head to our local mall for a makeover. But which store to choose? I'd already done Bare Escentuals on my last overhaul and the department store counters always seem so intimidating. We have a Sephora here that I hadn't tried, so that seemed like a good place to start. They offer 45 minute makeover consultations, if you agree to spend $50 on products in their store. Now that may sound like a lot, but trust me you can spend that in no time!

Let me tell you, I loved my experience. The guy that did my makeup was very helpful and gave good advice. He used a lot of products, but helped me pare it down to some essentials at the end. This is definitely the most makeup I've ever worn in my life. It's honestly a little more than I could keep up with and would want to wear everyday. However, I did purchase some basic things I think will work for me and it was a relief not to be shopping blind. Plus Sephora has a great return policy so it didn't feel risky to try something new.

Here's my before and after, just for fun...

So how about you? Am I the only one who's scared of the cosmetics aisle? What do you do when you're desperate for some makeup help?

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Jenerally Informed

Motivational Monday #114

Welcome to another Motivational Monday Link Party! I can't wait to see what you've been up to this week! 

In case you're new here, each Monday we focus on inspirational posts, healthy recipes, crafts, and home decorating/organizing tips. Each category has its own link to make it easier for readers to find fabulous posts. Motivational Monday links with others, too. That way, each post will get more exposure.

A Letter To My Daughter

Dearest Daughter,

This weekend you asked me quite the question: Are younger or older children more fun? 

It reminded me of when Laura Ingalls in Little House In the Big Woods wonders if Pa likes brown or golden hair best. 

Such a question. Both are wonderful, both fill this mother's heart with love and it's impossible to say. What I can say is what's fun about you, at age 18 in your first semester of college. 

I love that you call me and want to spend time together. 

I like that we have deeper conversations and share meaningful things at this stage. 

It's a bit of a relief that you make more of your own decisions now. I can relax and breathe knowing you've got this!

It's awesome that you're learning new things and teaching us a thing or two. 

It's fun that we share a similar sense of humor and can laugh and joke together. 

It's exhilarating to follow you into a store for younger people and buy a pair of jeans that are hip!

It touches me that you're becoming a friend and mentor to your siblings.

It makes me happy to see you following God. I have no greater joy than to hear my children are walking in the truth. 3 John 1:4

I delight in seeing who you're becoming, hearing about how you enjoy your major, and discovering more about who you are. 

You see my girl, the answer to your question isn't a simple one. Children of all ages are fun. But you...I love you just the way you are right now, and the way you were yesterday, and the way you'll be tomorrow. Because I love you, at any age.

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A Perfect Day

Sometimes you have a perfect day. 

The sun shines, the plans you made go well, and the people you spend it with fill your heart with joy. 

Sometimes a perfect day is being by myself, sometimes it's spending time with friends, but most of the time it's being with family.

Waiting for a hayride...

At the pumpkin patch...

In the corn maze...

Appreciating farm animals...

Carving pumpkins...

and lighting Jack-O-Lanterns...

Whatever we do, it's always more fun when we do it together...

Motivational Monday #113

Welcome to another Motivational Monday Link Party! I can't wait to see what you've been up to this week! 

In case you're new here, each Monday we focus on inspirational posts, healthy recipes, crafts, and home decorating/organizing tips. Each category has its own link to make it easier for readers to find fabulous posts. Motivational Monday links with others, too. That way, each post will get more exposure.