We're Pet Owners...Kind of?

I've been a mom for over eighteen years and this weekend was the first time I gave into the line, "Everyone has a pet, but me!!!". I couldn't help it. My youngest girls have begged me for a pet since preschool. They would absolutely love a D.O.G., but I just can't go there...yet. (If my dad is reading this and sees my "yet", he'll start sending me dog listings by the end of the day!)

Anyway, when I found this note cleaning out the garage the other night, I felt very small. I mean, look at this, my daughters are resorting to caring for snails they find in the yard.

So...this Saturday I gave into their pleas for a pet and got four...Jasmine, Sparkles, Roxy and Millie.

Meet our new beta fish...

I know you're probably thinking that fish aren't very exciting, but believe me, you would have thought we were welcoming royalty with how thrilled my girls were to bring these little fish home. They prepared spots in their rooms and planned out a feeding schedule and asked all their friends at school which names were best. Now they have finally achieved one of their dreams...being able to raise their hands when the teachers asks "Who has any pets?"

Of course, seeing my girls go wild over fish makes me reconsider, just a little, the whole D.O.G. thing.

Kids and pets...let's talk. Have any of you ever gotten a dog or cat just because your kids begged? I mean that has to be a textbook bad reason to enter the world of pet ownership, right? If you did do such a thing, how did it work out? Any regrets? Tell me, caution me, persuade me, whatever the case may be...

Motivational Monday #108

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Heartbeat Of Our Home

A cacophony of sounds represent our lives, our home, our family...

Football game and smack talk coming from the living room. 

Ice spilling from the ice maker into a glass. 

Murmured discussions plotting something from the twins. 

Music playing. 

Footsteps up and down the stairs, in and out of the kitchen.

Phones ringing.

Water running in the bathroom. 

Doors slamming. 

Kids laughing.

Kids fighting. 

Garage door opening. 

Blow dryers. 

Fights over the bathroom. 

Washer, dryer, dishwasher running.

Facetime conversations in the background.

Backpacks dropped on the floor.

Homework papers rattling.

Snack wrappers being opened.

Dresser drawers opening and closing.


Calls for mom to make the offender stop singing.

The click of the door lock.

Rhythmic typing on the keyboard.

Sighs of frustration.


I can often place where each child is and what they're doing, just by the sounds I hear or don't hear in our house. It's unique, it's comforting, it's aggravating, it's too loud, it's too quiet, it's joy, it's sadness, it's perfect. It's the melody playing in the background of our family life. It's the thrumming pulse of our home.

Do you hear what I hear? What does your family home sound like?

Tubing Through Life

Life can sometimes feel like you're riding on a innertube behind a speed boat. You start out ready to go, prepared for the adventure.

Then it takes off and you hang on for dear life, alternating between smiling and screaming!

 Sometimes, you feel on top of the world...

But beware, pride goes before a fall...

So strap yourself in, make all the crazy faces you want, and enjoy the ride...

Motivational Monday #107

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Grandparent's Day

This Sunday is Grandparent's Day. It may not be a widely known holiday, but we've certainly got reason to celebrate some special grandparents at our house!

I'm fortunate to live just one neighborhood over from my parents and a few miles from my mother-in-law. I can honestly say that if it wasn't for the help of grandparents, I don't know if we would be the family we are today. You see, ten years ago we had twins, and life became wild. Grandparent help was great when we had three kids, but it became essential when we had five! A couple years after the twins were born, my husband went through four years of night school to get his law degree and then took a job where he travels much of the time. We wouldn't have been able to do all the things we've done if we hadn't had our parents close by.

So just what have our parents been doing over the past ten years? Here's a short list in no particular order:

Chauffeuring and cheering for many games and practices.

Attending school functions and programs, sometimes even when we couldn't be there.

Baking cookies and decorating cakes, roller skating, going to football and hockey games, and visiting the zoo.

Coming up with great Halloween costumes every year...

Babysitting for long and short periods. I could never repay the hourly rate all that's been worth!

Helping with homework. Teaching them to love and care for pets. Playing tennis. Dressing up like Santa Claus...

Overpaying my kids for tasks like feeding the dog and picking up sticks in the yard.

Doing crafts, puzzles, and playing countless board games and rounds of Skip-Bo and Bingo.

Going to kids' movies, playing kickball, blueberry picking, and fishing...

As well as, cheering our family on through all the milestones they've seen their grandchildren achieve..

Happy Grandparents Day to Nanny and Papa, and Grandma! We couldn't do it without you!!!

How about you? Do you have some special grandparents to celebrate in your life?

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

I always feel like Labor Day Weekend is that last little bit of summer fun before fall really starts. It's a time to say goodbye to one season and welcome another.

This year, we spent the holiday with my college girl. Yay! Even though she's only been gone a short time, it feels like a long time since we've had the whole family together. We had a picnic lunch by a lake and enjoyed some swimming and hiking. Listening to my other kids pepper her with questions about college and tell her all the news of home was heartwarming for me. It was great to hear what she's been doing and really talk for awhile. Phone calls, FaceTime, and texts are wonderful, but they're no replacement for face to face conversation.

We even stopped for a little visit on campus to see her dorm. This thrilled my twins as they've been full of curiosity about where she stays and how it all works. They don't really understand college life, but they know enough to think it looks like something they'd like to try!

As my kids have grown, they've become more and more fun. I look forward to family conversations and think what they say is so interesting. When my children were little, I felt like I knew everything about them. As they've grown, I've come to appreciate the things they share with me as gifts. They alone can choose to let me be a part of their lives and thoughts and feelings. I don't take that lightly. It's a great privilege. Days like today when we share laughter and time are a treasure that I hope never runs out no matter what changes different seasons may bring.

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