Two Simple Easter Centerpieces

I'm not one to do a lot of seasonal or holiday decorating. However, the projects I'm going to show you today meet all my criteria: easy, inexpensive, and don't require much storage. I've seen several types of these on Pinterest, but there wasn't one particular tutorial that I followed. In addition to items I already had on hand, I picked up these Dollar Tree supplies. Three packages of fake grass/moss and three packages of sidewalk chalk in the shape of Easter eggs. I was going to dye Easter eggs, but these chalk eggs came in such pretty pastels and they look authentic.

Project number one...

I have this terrarium-like container on my dining room table throughout the year. Most of the time, it holds candles, but at Christmas I fill it with colorful ornaments. After I spread the grass/moss mixture around the bottom, I placed a few of the chalk eggs and some smaller jelly beans around the area. Two brown ceramic bunnies are in the middle of the Easter egg hunt. If you don't have any ceramic rabbits, I've seen chocolate bunnies used instead. 

Here it is from the side..

The second project is similar except I used a glass jar that sits on my kitchen table. When making this, I used the same method as above, but I used only one bunny and one chalk egg, along with the jelly beans.

I like how proud he looks in the jar. After Easter, I'm going to continue to use the moss, but replace the bunny and eggs with a bird my grandfather carved. I love it when I can get multiple uses out of the same things! 

Are you a holiday decorator that goes all out or do you tend to do the minimum like me? Anyone boycott seasonal decorations altogether? 


  1. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Dear Marie, I love your centerpieces, especially the bunnies in the terrarium! I would've never thought of using chalk eggs in decor. I think their matte finish is quite pretty! Great choice :0)
    I used to go 'all out' when I decorated for the holidays, but the busier I get with my family, the less time I have to decorate (and then clean up, ugh). I'm also a big fan of "less is more" and decorating with "natural elements" like flowers.
    My little ones get so excited when they see holiday decor, so they're also a drive for me :0)
    Have a beautiful weekend and a Happy, Happy Easter!

    1. Thanks, Suzanne! I thought my girls would be so excited to see the decorations, but what they really wanted to do was eat the jellybeans! :)

  2. Too Cute! I'd like to switch places with one of those bunnies for a day. I'm with you on minimal holiday decorating. I can enjoy it in other peoples' homes, but for me, it's less stressful and more breathable in my own home to have a few special statement pieces to enjoy :)

  3. Adorable spring touches and I love those chalk eggs!


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