Heartbeat Of Our Home

A cacophony of sounds represent our lives, our home, our family...

Football game and smack talk coming from the living room. 

Ice spilling from the ice maker into a glass. 

Murmured discussions plotting something from the twins. 

Music playing. 

Footsteps up and down the stairs, in and out of the kitchen.

Phones ringing.

Water running in the bathroom. 

Doors slamming. 

Kids laughing.

Kids fighting. 

Garage door opening. 

Blow dryers. 

Fights over the bathroom. 

Washer, dryer, dishwasher running.

Facetime conversations in the background.

Backpacks dropped on the floor.

Homework papers rattling.

Snack wrappers being opened.

Dresser drawers opening and closing.


Calls for mom to make the offender stop singing.

The click of the door lock.

Rhythmic typing on the keyboard.

Sighs of frustration.


I can often place where each child is and what they're doing, just by the sounds I hear or don't hear in our house. It's unique, it's comforting, it's aggravating, it's too loud, it's too quiet, it's joy, it's sadness, it's perfect. It's the melody playing in the background of our family life. It's the thrumming pulse of our home.

Do you hear what I hear? What does your family home sound like?


  1. I love this post. You wrote it perfectly! My house is quiet because i'm the only one who lives there, other than the noise of the chinchilla running around in his cage or trying to chew on the baseboards. I hope you & your family are having a great Thursday.

    1. Thanks, Leslie! Quiet houses can be very peaceful...:)

  2. And I will miss all those sounds when they're gone! If it's too quiet I start looking for everybody - because they're probably up to no good :)!

  3. This takes me back to living at home. :) Our house is slowly getting louder by the day as little man becomes more and more vocal and bangs his toys (or just a wooden spoon) around more and more. My brother has said before he can tell which of his girls is coming down the hallway just by the way they walk. ha ha! One has the loudest, stomping sounds to her walk while the other is nearly galloping and barely touching the floor as she walks along. :)

    1. Haha Chelsea! Love that your brother can tell his girls apart by the sound of their walk. It's amazing what we know just by what we hear.

  4. Awww this is great! The sounds in my home usually consisting of yelling for mom and toys clattering to the floor. And asking for snacks. That pretty much sums up the day. But I love it!

    1. I can hear your house in my mind, Leilani! It's sounding quite a bit like summertime around here! :)

  5. This is exactly what my home sounds like!! I get nervous when it's too quiet, because that is usually when BIG trouble is about to hit :)

  6. Coffee dripping, the fans finally blowing warm air, sounds of paper rustling, and dot paints being used. Lovely post!

  7. Yes! Coffee dripping all day--too much. I also worry when it gets quiet--or when I hear the words "Hey Brother/Sister, watch this" from the other room. Then I run. Add rooster, combine, loader, tractors.

  8. That's a beautiful written post. It makes me stop and think about the noises in our home.

  9. This post is so true, there's always one or two of these noises happening, if there isn't the kids are up to no good somewhere! Dropping in from Magic Moments.

  10. I love this - what a great idea for a post! I'm going to have to do this one day. My house sounds similar to yours, with the addition of the toilet running. I really need to get that fixed!

  11. What a beautiful post - a poem! I would add the sound of my cat galloping down the hall (he is not light-footed!) and the jangle of my dog's collar as she shakes herself. I can picture your home better than if yo had described the rooms themselves. Loved this!

  12. This is such a sweet post. Our house often is silent and the sound of the ice machine in the fridge breaks the silence at times. But usually I have music playing .Hugs and Thank you for sharing and for linking up to the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop.

  13. Sounds just like mine, makes silence suddenly feel very odd when they're in school! xx

  14. Love this! Your sounds are very similar to mine (except I have a dog in the mix). While the dog barks maybe once every 2-3 months, he has crazy dreams where he grunts and thumps his leg on the floor. Add that into the mix... and singing LOTS of singing.

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop).

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  15. This is a wonderful post...at our house I liked to hear laughter in the walls!

  16. I absolutely love this and love how you wrote it. So beautiful!!! I bet all those noises will become something of memories and something you miss so very much when they are all grown. Great post hunny. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme


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