How To Make Your Middle Schooler Mad

Mom confession time...Sometimes I take delight in teasing and annoying my kids just for the fun of it. Can anyone else relate?

If you're the kind of mom that thinks it's funny to annoy a middle school boy, this list is for you! You can send your kid into meltdown mode doing any of the following...

Dance. It doesn't have to be for long. It can be just a couple seconds of you busting out your moves! 

Sing. A few bars in the car are enough to make them cringe. It's also the best way to get them to change the radio station without argument. You sing a few words and they can't pick a new station fast enough!

Talk above a whisper in public. If anyone, anywhere, including the person you're talking to, can hear you, it's completely embarrassing and will get a rise out of your middle schooler. 

Let a younger sibling wear a costume out in public. The protests will be swift and immediate.

Use their nickname in front of their friends. A dirty look and warning eyes will shoot your way in seconds.

Make him go shopping...this is a sure fire way to make him miserable. Bonus points if it's for fabric or wallpaper. These are still haunting memories from husband's childhood! 

Enjoy yourself too much in any way. Laughing, telling jokes, smiling, getting excited. None of that is allowed. Again the potential for embarrassment by mom is just too high!

And last, but not least, write a blog post about how to annoy your middle schooler. Eyes are guaranteed to roll!


  1. I definitely drove my boys crazy when they were in middle school. My 19 year old is completely over it, but the 17 year old is still a little embarrassed by me sometimes!

  2. Hehe, need to pin it for the coming years ;) thanks for sharing! hugs, Damjana

  3. hahaha I have a 14 year old girl and she has actually not been horrible, but got forbid I break out into song/dance...yeah kid I know I can't sing or dance & I guarantee no one cares, but her! Trips me out :P

  4. I can totally relate, my oldest is 13 and we have many more years of enjoying this fun little past time with her and her siblings. My husband and I threaten that unless we see good behavior we will show up at her school at pick-up times and perform a choreographed song and dance number for her friends! That ought to keep her straight :)

  5. Yes to all of the above!!! I really think that boys are more easily embarrassed than girls! It is fun to push their buttons every now and then :) Love this!

  6. Oh I can so identify with this one and may have written something on a similar theme in the past. I think mine ended with just be yourself... that alone was enough to send my 2 into a meltdown!

    Keep going hun... it's all you can do!

  7. I am careful as to how I embarrass my kids ... or the tables will be turned on me! :)

  8. Although I only have a two year old daughter of my own, this had me cracking up! I remember what it was like to be embarrassed by my parents as a kid!

    Additionally, I can't wait until my child is old enough for me to embarrass that easily. I don't know why, but annoying my loved ones has always been one of my favorite past-times. :-)


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