Learning to Love a New Place

So we bought a little rental house. And in many ways it feels like having a new baby. It needs to be cared for and coddled right now. We're tip toeing around trying to learn its patterns and idiosyncrasies and it's definitely kept me awake a few nights! 

I've always been excited about the houses we've purchased. I couldn't wait to get my hands on them and make them my own. This one has cute bones and I'd love to do some things to it, but this time I'm not the one that will be living and making memories in it. 

The house had been neglected as far as maintenance goes, so I've been spending a lot of time over there while different service people check it out. At first, it felt strange to go inside and sometimes I really didn't want to have the responsibility of taking care of it. But now I've gotten used to its smells and sounds and feel more connected. 

We've cleaned the gutters and replaced the water heater. We've had the heating and cooling evaluated and the fireplace cleaned. We're figuring out what to do in the crawl space and working on the yard. 

One project at a time, we'll continue to revive this little house and I hope it will be a happy shelter for those that live here in the years ahead. 


  1. What a lovely home. We'll be buying our first rental soon - I'm a little nervous!

  2. Wow... it looks gorgeous and not so very small if you happen to live in the UK. Good luck with the renovations x

  3. How exciting...I can imagine that it's a lot of work, though. I hope you'll share any projects you do in the home - you always have such great ideas!


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