January...Why Can't We Be Friends?

In my mind, January is always full of grand plans and accomplishments. I'm going to hit the ground running and make the first month of the new year awesome! In reality, the powers that be of sick and snow days show me who's boss every time.

My view all week.

Just when I finally readjust to alarm clocks and packing lunches, just when I start to think I can maybe get back in a routine after the holidays, someone gets sick. For days and days with nothing specific, only the dreaded low grade fever that occurs every evening as you start to envision all of your children attending school the next day. Should such a fantasy pop up, you will immediately be plunged into the depths of despair by someone declaring, I don't feel good. Aaaaaah!!!!!!

If no one gets sick in January, a minuscule amount of snow will fall and school will be canceled, also for days on end. Mothers here will be seen driving all over town in search of something to occupy bored, cooped up children, yet it will be too dangerous for them to ride the bus in the morning. 

And always, always, my husband will be traveling. In our house, sick and snow days don't happen on the weekends. No, those are strictly a Monday through Friday thing. 

This week I dealt with sickness, next week might be snow. But today, everyone is healthy and the weather is nice. I'm going for the gusto while I can!

What's your experience with this month that holds the most potential in a year? Does January taunt you, too?


  1. Oh that's brutal! true mommy reality style! It also sounds very familiar. My kids will always get sick on the one day of the week I absolutely have to be somewhere and the hubs does too so we are left scrambling to try and cover. Your winter sounds like our summer! Our bored cooped up kids needing something to do when the weather is rotten.

  2. I could sooo have written this post myself. Januarys in Missouri are exactly like this! Last year, I counted how many days between the sick days and snow days my kids actually went to school. It was some crazy number like 11 or something. This year we've been a lot more fortunate, but I definitely feel for you! What you said about mothers scrambling around trying to find stuff for their bored kids to do, but the bus couldn't make it in the morning is so spot-on, haha!

  3. I remember years where it seemed like somebody was sick every single day of winter! And if even a flake of snow falls, our entire region shuts down. It's so hard to get into a new routine when everyone keeps staying home :)!

  4. Fingers-crossed that the rest of January is better for you and your family. So far January hasn't been so bad here in terms of weather (we keep skirting snow storms) and illness (just a couple of down days). I can't imagine not being able to get back to the regular routine after the holidays, that must be so frustrating. But, there's always February to look forward to, right? :) Visiting from SITS. Have a great weekend.

  5. I find January so gloomy. Dark when we wake up, and so cold. So far we've had no major sicknesses, but it's just such a blah month. I'm hoping we can all stay well and dodge any more snow days!

  6. Lol, Marie . . . You're counter looks like my kitchen counter the last two days!
    I was so happy that everyone made it through their second weeks back at school feeling well, and then - out of no where - low grade fevers and runny noses. So . . . our weekend has been SLOW paced and quiet.
    As always, I love your commentary. You always make me smile (and laugh!)
    Sending hugs,
    PS I hope you all feel well SOON!!

  7. I hope everyone is feeling better and there is no snow forecast for this week. I guess January can be a cruel month - especially when your name is mum!

  8. That's so brutal, and the timing of it all (during the weekdays) makes it more unbearable, I bet. I hope everyone is feeling better and you're hanging in there!

  9. Oh no! I hate, hate, hate January and February. It would be fine with me if we just skipped over them. ha ha! I always hated this month, even before LB was here, but now that I'm a mom I've turned into a complete germaphobe and want to keep him in a bubble to keep him from getting sick. Maybe that will relax with my second? Hurry up spring!! So glad you're all feeling better now. :)

  10. Ohhhhh, so not fun!

    My kids have been sick too. Stomach flu-- ugh. I think they're finally on the mend.

    I really don't like January. It's long, dark, dreary, and often full of sickness.

    I hope everyone has recovered now.

    Wishing you a lovely evening.

  11. Oh, I know those days so well - that sometimes stretched to weeks, of someone always home from school or sick. Spring will come ... !

  12. We've been dealing with the bored factor here. I thought I was ready for the hibernation period of January and February but two weeks in and I'm over it and ready for spring. Hope it's a good week.
    Angela @ Stepping into Motherhood

  13. Ugh, I'm so sorry you've been sick. That's the WORST any time of the year, but I agree, it's a major bummer in January when you want to attempt new goals. hope you feel better soon.

  14. Oh that is brutal, here we have gone from snow days to cold days????? It is odd and strange and the superintendent of the district has tried on several different occasions to explain his actions. This kids love it, the moms hate it and the dads keep referring to when they went to school!!!!

    The Senior doesn't have to make up these days but my 6th grader will and that sucks as we Love our summer days together!!!!!

    Stay strong January is almost over, and February with red hearts is coming along!!!!


  15. That sounds very like our January so far... thankfully no proper snow, but everyone (including me) has been sick! I'll be glad to see the back of this month :)

  16. ugh yea... i used to live in chicago so i totally know how you feel. we moved to charleston, sc over the summer and im enjoying my first winter in the south. it's amazing how nice weather will lift your spirits. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  17. Totally can relate! Lots of healing prayers your way =)

  18. Oh Yes - January is my least favorite month! The dreariness and the darkness! Plus, I think the sickness has finally hit our little hours. Prayers for you!


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