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Looking for a good book? I always am and this one was so good I finished it in just a couple days. Glitter and Glue, by Kelly Corrigan, is the author's story of how she grew to love and understand her mother through a nannying experience after college. Corrigan had gone to Australia to experience life and have an adventure that she was sure she could never have at home. However, nannying turned out to be the only job she could get to support herself. Caring for and living in a house with children that had recently lost their mother made her appreciate her own mother in ways she never could have anticipated. As time goes on, Corrigan realizes she has turned out to be a lot like her own mother and has come to embrace things she once viewed with disdain.

This book spoke to me because I have two teenagers who don't hesitate to critique me and tell me just what they'll someday do differently. They'll be more fun, more relaxed, and more free. They won't concern themselves with the mundane issues that appear to them to make up a mother's life. This book gave me hope that my own children will someday look back and appreciate the things they've learned and experienced in our family. It gave me hope that they'll someday see me as more than their mom, a real person with many parts just like them. I enjoyed reading about the way Corrigan's view of her mother changed as she gained more life experience and became a mother herself.

So if you're a sucker for a mother/daughter book, or are just looking for some light at the end of the parenting tunnel, you might want to check it out!

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