The Thrill of Change

This morning I woke up desperate for some creative project. You know the feeling that if you can't think and plan and experiment, you might go crazy? I just needed to experience the rush you get with making a change and seeing things in a new way! As soon as the kids walked out the door, I got to work. I decided to tackle one corner of the living room and maybe update its colors a bit. We moved in ten years ago when yellow/gold was on trend and now I'm really wanting to start changing it little by little. The problem is that I can't just throw everything I own away and start over. I really need to work with what I have and make changes slowly. The first thing I decided to do was paint the bottom of my glass top sofa table.

There's a lot of this color in my house and I'd like to freshen things up a bit. Ignore the wild drop cloth. It was cold outside and painting inside was my only option. Between coats, I also painted a picture frame from this same color to a warm white.

While things were drying, I decided to see if I could do anything about the curtains you see peaking out in the picture above and in the photo below.

Again, they're in the same color family. I guess I really went wild several years ago! I had some full length white ones in my bedroom, so I decided to switch the two. No ironing or adjusting needed, just a simple change out.

What a difference! I'm really happy with more light and neutral color in the that corner!

I'm going to be looking for a new rug with a fresher color palette than the one I have now and I hope it will brighten the space even more.

Isn't it amazing how small changes can make you feel so good? I've been smiling inside every time I look over there all day. Of course, it's also amazing how tackling one area of your house causes the other areas to become so messy. Here's how the rest of the kitchen looked when I was done...

Actually it's better not to think about that and just focus on what I did accomplish today! 

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